Co-Curricular Activities

Science & Eco club

Science & Eco clubs play an important role in creating scientific aptitude and environmental awareness amongst the future generation. Science & Eco clubs in schools are a means by which students can be empowered to participate and take up meaningful scientific discussions, environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence and engage their parents and neighborhood communities to promote scientific outlook and sound environmental behavior. The Club also empowers students to explore scientific and environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of syllabi. While everyone, everywhere asserts the importance of ‘learning to live sustainable,’ science and environment remains a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system. So the effort of the club is to inculcate ‘sustainability’ among the students in their growing years.

Health Club

Healthy living in case of school children is the prime concern of all stakeholders including principals, parents, teachers and the community. To achieve this objective collective responsibility needs to be assumed. An important dimension is that of experience and development of health skills and physique through practical engagements with play, exercises, sports and practices of personal and community hygiene.

Health and Wellness Clubs in Schools focus on the overall well being comprising emotional, social and mental health of the child. They act as the enabling and organizational point for conducting activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness.

Heritage Club

India is a land of diversities. And there exists a unique unity in our country among the people of different religions, languages and environment. There is a need to make pupils aware of their identity and to realize this uniqueness.

The heritage club is formed with the aim to protect, promote and proclaim India’s heritage. The children should grow into a responsible, proud Indian.

Literary Club

Leadership, personality, communication skills and knowledge – these are the four factors that the Literary Club keeps in mind while designing various activities for its annual calendar. Introducing the classics of world literature to the children and inviting noted poets and authors for occasional interactions with young minds are among the special programs of the Club. Routine activities include organizing all kinds of competitions in essay writing, debate and elocution. Vocabulary building, spelling contests, extempore speech making and storytelling/story writing etc are some of the other highlights of the calendar of this club.


The purpose is to initiative a spirit of competitiveness among the students and also to identify leadership and organizing qualities from the very young age. All co-curricular activities and various competitions are evaluated house wise. Trophies to the best house is given at the end of the academic year.

Health & Physical Education

First Aid